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About Me


Hi there, I'm Rebecca, founder and owner of Lead By Example. I'm a fully qualified canine behaviourist and trainer.

I was inspired to start this company by my own wonderful rescue dog, Bella-Louise.

When I saw her at a local rescue centre, her charming face and kooky name were just too hard to resist. I fell in love immediately (as you do) and she was home within a matter of days. Already 10 years of age, and without any knowledge of her background, I didn't have a clue where to start. She often displayed behaviour that I can only describe as slightly eccentric!... so I embarked on a journey to explore the workings of the canine mind. That journey continued, and Lead By Example was established. 

In 2017 we welcomed another lovely rescue to our family, Megan. 

As is often the case with rescue dogs, we enjoyed a brief honeymoon period before she was ready to tell us how she really felt about life. Megan finds many aspects of daily life difficult (more than we'd bargained for!) but with lots of love, patience, and a carefully managed rehabilitation plan, we've made remarkable progress over the last tear or so. She's a bright young thing, is learning to love life, and reminds every day of the joys and challenges of living with a reactive dog

I'm a dog lover (of course), keen advocate of animal welfare, and support a number local and national charities.

Certifications (all with Distinction):

Diploma Dog Behaviour Practitioner 

Diploma Dog Behaviour, Psychology, and Training

Practical Certificate in Dog Behaviour and Training

Certificate in Home Boarding

Certificate in Dog Walking

Certificate in Canine Nail Care


Science continues to make remarkable discoveries about the psychology and physiology of these wonderful animals. As a best practice behaviourist and trainer, I continue to learn, research, and stay up to date with these latest discoveries, so that I can always provide you with the best possible advice.

I'm a proud member of Pet Professional Guild, Association Of INTODogs, and International Companion Animal Network = welfare focused organisations committed to force free, pain free, and fear free education and training; and the highest standards of professional conduct.

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